The (Second) Queen City Film Festival will be held September 26-29, 2013, at the New Embassy Theatre in Cumberland, MD. Submissions close September 3. Final selections will be announced September 9.


Thursday, September 26

12pm-2pm Filmmakers Reception

2pm-4pm Educational Panel

4:05pm Dying Green

4:35pm The Remsberg Collection: Documenting Maryland

5:55pm The Woodlands

6:05pm Appalachian Media Institute Summer 2013

7pm Twenty Five Years of Filming with the Appalachian Media Institute: A Retrospective

9pm Opening Night Gala

Friday, September 27

12pm-2pm Media Reception

2pm-4pm Educational Panel

4:05pm The Fishtank *

4:45pm Weekend Hat

6:25pm A-Way

6:55pm Love Thy Neighbor

8:35pm Absolution Is Now Public

8:50pm The Cabin

9:20 A Measure of the Sin

Saturday, September 28

12:05pm Tree *

12:35pm A Simpler Way *

1:05pm Where There’s A Well

2:45pm Record Paradise *

3:55pm Led Zeppelin Played Here *

6:05pm Gatewood

6:35pm American Drug War 2

8:20pm Forever’s End

10pm Underbelly Blues *

Sunday, September 29

12:05pm The Perils of Hayden *

12:10pm A New Hope: The Allegany County Animal Shelter *

12:50pm A Masterpiece Quest

12:55pm Just Grate

1:10pm Steampunk vs. Superhero

1:20pm A Day In The Life Of Frostburg *

2:10pm First Period

4:10pm Bathing Franky

6pm My Name Is A: By Anonymous

8pm I Am Divine *

10pm After Party

* Filmmaker and/or special guests expected to appear.


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